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About Rotterdam Rave

With pure techno at its base, Rotterdam Rave has grown vigorously in the techno scene of Rotterdam, drawing over 27.000 visitors a year. With its roots firmly planted in Perron in it’s early days, the Rave has rose alongside its growing demand, expanding its reach and capacity from the Factory 010 to the Maassilo, a first festival at Lloyd Multiplein to a new festival location at the RDM-grounds.

The Maassilo venue became headquarters of Rotterdam Rave in 2014. This old concrete factory that was formerly used as a storage facility for grain and corn, forms the perfect scenery for a proper rave. For the sold out events every area is transformed into a rave cave with fireworks, lasers, flamethrowers, visuals, extra decoration and light shows.

Quality music, show, international headliners and an army of ravers is what Rotterdam Rave stands for.

Rotterdam is Rave. Rotterdam is Techno.



Anfisa has been cultivating her own unique and sophisticated sound, moving away from the more commercial edge of her early beginnings and embracing her love for underground House and Techno. Recently this rising star has caught the attention of Mr Carl Cox who has been supporting her music regularly in his DJ sets and as a result he has given her the space to do 2 EP-releases in 2019 on his acclaimed Intec label.


Descended from the dark depths of the France rave scene, I Hate Models is known for exploring all the outer edges of music, from electro to a harder industrial sound. With an artistic line based on the expression of melancholia and intense emotions, his music can be characterized by a showdown between Love and Hate, Darkness and Light.


French DJ form Caen, Nico Moreno is one of the produces from the industrial rave/techno wave. He started producing at 20, he likes his techno fast with precise and punching kicks.


Tipped as being one of Rotterdam's best kept secrets in techno, DJ/producer 'Stranger' moves in mysterious ways and has quickly proven to be one to watch. His first musical appearance in 2014 was quickly picked up by established names as Dave Clarke, Sven Väth and Marcel Dettman, giving to his career as well as to his own Self Reflektion label a major kick-start.


999999999 is an abstract concept from the minds of two people who do not feel the need to define it. It is spontaneous, random, unlimited. This project, officially started in July 2016, has already affected several important clubs and festivals in different cities in Europe and aroused much interest even outside the continent.


Cynthia is a rising, young techno producer/dj from Dordrecht who provides some hard techno with an old school sound. Her ability to expertly combine upbeat melodic cuts with driving percussion has brought the talented artist across the Netherlands


THE DJ/produces wields a sound that's impossible to box off into one category. Imogen has played Berghains Saule, muta.bor, Herrensauna, Printworks, Dimensions and many other key spots since emerging into the European techno scene. In 2019 she became a resident for fabric and moved her monthly radio show to NTS. In 2020 she continues to build a sonic identity focused on bass-heavy UK techno.


Born and raised in the working class district of Berlin Neukölln, his musical aesthetic is shaped nog only by his upbringing but also the cathartic energy op EBM, noise and industrial. Aside from releasing regularly on. Berghain's in-house label Ostgut Ton, Kobosil also runs his own R - Label Group inprint, which he uses a a platform to promote releases by upcoming Berlin producers at the forefront of a bleak an riotous approach to dance music. It's his combination of the dark and ecstatic that is at the foundation of Kobosil's powerful approach to techno.


Anonymous masked techno figure SNTS is as dark and mysterious as his sound. Committed to vinyl German producer has been behind two record trilogies, "Chapters" and "Scenes", issued trough his self-titled label besides appearances on Horizontal Ground and Edit Select Records.


DYEN is a Dutch techno producer/DJ. He started with producing techno back in 2016. He has several releases on Otomo Records and a remix on Raven Sigh. After these releases he created his own sound inspired by 90's and uptempo techno.


The Berlin-based DJ and producer KlanKuenstler debuted with his album 'That's Me', that brought him to play in renowned clubs and festivals all over the world. In 2016 his track 'Jam Master Jack' went viral and climbed to 1st on Beatport's Tech House charts. Today, he has became one of the most promising house artists of the German Scene.


Paula Temple is highly esteemed and much sought-after producer and DJ, with releases on labels such as R&S Records. Watching her performing her hybrid live sets is nothing but a sensation.


As a new-generation techno artist who has proven himself to deserve his place on the scnene and behind the decks at events, Trym has never stopped working hard on his projects, notably investing his time and self in producing music, surrounding himself with a team and always looking towards his future as a musician.